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New Start, New Future

News1 Future Forum (NFF) is a venue for Korean popular real-time news agency News1 to invite prestigious experts from all over the world to discuss challenges facing the world and seek answers for building the better future.

Through the Forum, we anticipate the trend that will dominate the future, while searching for the ways to overcome the challenges Korea now facing. The goal of NFF is to offer solutions to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity. We do not represent the interests of specific nations, organizations or ideologies.

This year marks a new political start for Korea. The Yoon administration will be inaugurated on May 10. Three weeks later, there will be a nation-wide election for local leadership. In the technology area, we stand on the threshold of a new era of Metaverse. To present the right direction of the Korean society, we have invited key political figures, tech experts, businessmen, and candidates for mayor of Seoul.