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New Hope, New Paradigm

[Morning Sessions] Innovation and Hope

  • Min-soo YEO

    Min-soo YEO Co-CEO of Kakao Corp.

    Min-soo Yeo is a celebrated business strategist who has played leading roles in expanding Kakao Corporation’s business into various fields such as digital contents, finance, mobility, and entertainment. Under his leadership, KaKao Corp. grew to 7th largest company in terms of market capitalization. He has tried to present new digital platforms and marketing frameworks which fits into the mobile and AI era. He joined Kakao as vice president in charge of advertisement business in 2016. He worked as an advertising planner at Oricom and LG Ad, and pioneered the search advertising business at NHN.

  • Gwang-jae LEE

    Gwang-jae LEE Member of the National Assembly, Democratic Party

    Gwang-jae Lee is a three-term legislator, who took part in student political movements during his college days. He entered politics as an assistant of the former president Roh Moo-hyun who had been elected as the 13th National Assembly member in 1988. He had gone through the key positions at the Roh Administration. He also had been elected as governor of Gangwon-do. When he was out of the Congress, he served as a head of private think tank Yeo Si-jae. He currently heads the K-New Deal Committee of the Democratic Party.

  • Sang-kyun CHA

    Sang-kyun CHA Founding Dean of SNU Graduate School of Data Science

    Prof. Cha is the first dean of the Graduate School of Data Science at SNU. He is a world-famous data scientist as well as an entrepreneur. He received B.A, in electrical engineering from Seoul National University and Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University. In 2000, he founded a data processing software startup and sold it to SAP. He has a sense of mission to establish a cooperative system for development of Korea's high-tech industry and fostering technological manpower. He served as the first director of SNU’s 'Big Data Institute' for 5 years from 2014.

  • Dae-joon PARK

    Dae-joon PARK Co-CEO and Head of Coupang’s New Business Division

    Dae-joon Park has played key roles in growing Coupang founded 2010 into a South Korean e-commerce giant. Coupang went public successfully on the NYSE in March of this year. He joined Coupang in 2012 as vice president of regulatory affairs. Under his leadership, Coupang developed its own logistics network and various innovative business models, like order-at-home food service application (Coupang Eats), customized shop for sellers (Marketplace), super-quick delivery system within one day (Rocket Delivery service). He majored in business at Hongik University.

  • Bong-jin KIM

    Bong-jin KIM Woowa Brothers Founder

    Creator of Korea’s No.1 food delivery service app ‘Baemin’. He started the business in 2010 when smartphones began to be widely used. His success has been dramatic. By collecting thousands of delivery shop flyers, he piled up data and converted them into a mobile database, which became the ‘Baemin’ application, Global food delivery firm, Delivery Hero, bought his firm in 2019 by equity swap valued at 4.75 trillion won. After the deal, he began a new business career as a chairperson of "Woowa DH Asia," a Singapore-based joint venture established with DH.

  • Yong-jin PARK

    Yong-jin PARK Member of the National Assembly, Democratic Party

    Yong-jin Park is a two-term legislator. He devoted himself to student activism when he was in college. After graduating from college, he started his new life as a politician by joining a politically progressive organization founded in 1997, and then he expanded his roles as a politician in several pro-labor union, liberal parties for about 13 years. After joining the current Democratic Party in 2013, he enhanced his roles as a spokesman and was elected as a 20th National Assembly member. As a young politician born in the 70s, He already announced to run for the presidential election next year.

[Afternoon Session] New Paradigms for the Future

▶ Climate Change and ESG Management
  • Steve Glickman

    Steve GLICKMAN Former Senior Economic Advisor to President Obama

    Steve Glickman is President of Global Operations for Aspiration Inc., the largest online financial services platform in the U.S. with a focus on social impact and sustainability services, which has been named one of the “World’s 50 Most innovative Companies” and “100 Most Brilliant Companies."  He is also the founder of Develop LLC, an advisory firm at the crossroads between private capital, technology, and public policy.  Mr. Glickman previously served in the Obama Administration as a senior economic advisor at the White House and as Chief of Staff for the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service.  Mr. Glickman received his B.A. & M.A., magna cum laude, from Georgetown University, J.D. from Columbia Law School, and LL.M., with distinction, from the London School of Economics. 

  • Suk-Kwon Na

    Suk-Kwon NA President of the Center for Social Value Enhancement Studies

    Dr. Na is an economic expert who has been in public office for 25 years. He works to convert invisible values into concrete numbers. During his public career, he served as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) dispatcher, and later held important positions such as the Blue House Administrator and the Economy and Finance Office of the Consulate General of New York. He quit his public office in 2017 and moved to the SK Research Institute for Management and Economics, and is currently leading the Think Tank Institute for Social Values (CSES) established by SK.

▶ Mobility
  • Doowon CHA

    Doowon CHA, Ph.D Head of Doowon Cha Mobility Institute

    Dr. Cha is a technical expert and futurist in the mobility area. He is an author of the scholarly book ‘The Future of Mobility’(2018), and co-author of ‘Job Killer- The Future of Jobs Changing by Robot and AI’(2016) He received his Ph.D. in human factors for vehicle and automated highway system at Ajou University in 2002. He was a leader of the human-machine interface team at Hyundai MOBIS, and a policy advisor and research fellow at Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning(KISTEP), an adjunct researcher at Korea Institue of Industrial Technology(KITECH).

  • Seok-kyun KIM

    Seok-kyun KIM Head of UAM Business Unit at Hanwha Systems

    Dr. Kim is a system design specialist in aviation technology. He leads an urban aviation mobility (UAM) business in Hanwha Systems which offers 'The Flying Car' solutions in the next generation transportation field. He is working with the Korea Airports Corporation to plan to build a "Verti-hub" at Gimpo Airport. Before joining the Hanwha, he spent 14 years with the world's leading aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce. He earned M.A. in gas turbine technology from Cranfield University in UK and Ph.D. in automatic control system engineering from Sheffield University.

  • Daryl OSTER

    Daryl OSTER Founder and CEO of ET3 Global Alliance

    Daryl Oster is a futurologist who proposed the Hyperloop Project with Elon Musk. He is also an engineer who designed his own super-fast vacuum tube train, called Evacuated Tube Transport(ETT). He believes that tubes, which enable car-sized passenger capsules, could be optimized for value and cost. His system is much bolder than other types of hyperloop. He promotes the idea of global space travel on Earth, a network capable of speeding a passenger from New York to Beijing in two hours. ET3-powered hyperloop projects have been under construction in Colorado.

  • Jaeseon LEE

    Jaeseon LEE, Ph,D Professor of UNIST, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Prof. Lee is a recognized specialist who has succeeded in embodying Hyperloop's main technologies, such as underground vacuum tubes and the mag-lev trains in a compact form. He started to develop the technologies independently several years ago. In 2017, he drew public attention by unveiling the 'U-Loop' model, a Korean version of hyperloop. After graduating from the Yonsei University, he worked as an engineer at Hanguk Heavy Industries and obtained his master's and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering from Purdue University.

▶ Information Technology and Investment
  • Michael Gibson

    Michael GIBSON Co-Founder and Co-CEO of 1517 Fund

    Michael Gibson is the co-founder and general partner of the 1517 Fund, an early stage venture capital firm in the US. His firm, established in 2015, has unique investment philosophies. 1517 is a year that Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to a church door in Wittenberg in Germany, to protest the sale of indulgences. He has strongly encouraged young men and women to start business instead of seeking diplomas in universities. He worked for Peter Thiel, a billionaire venture capitalist co-founder PayPal, for nearly five years.

  • Man-soon HWANG

    Man-soon HWANG CEO of Korea Investment Partners Co.

    Man-soon Hwang is the CEO of Korea Investment Partners, No.1 venture capital in S.Korea. He has built his presence as a venture capitalist by pioneering investments in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. He went out looking for people with good business potentials instead of waiting for their visits. There are many people that started their business with his support in KIP’s portfolios. He started his career at Yuhan as a R&D researcher. He also worked at Korea Biotech Investment Capital and ChemOn. He received his BS and MS in Pharmacy from Seoul National University.

  • Hyung-sik KIM

    Hyung-sik KIM Founder and CEO of Qraft Technologies

    Hyung-sik Kim is the founder of Qraft Technologies, which aims to leverage the latest AI technology to innovate the inefficiencies of today's asset management firms. In May 2019, Qraft Technologies launched the first two AI-enhanced ETFs in NYSE and added two same styled ETFs in 2020. Qraft’s existing 4 ETFs continued to outpace significantly their benchmarks since each inception. He majored in electrical engineering at Seoul National University and worked as a software developer. In 2016, he founded Qraft with a capital of 50 million won. Qraft is now valued at about 200 billion won.