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새 희망, 새 패러다임(New Hope, New Paradigm)

News1 Future Forum (NFF) is a venue for Korean popular real-time news agency News1 to invite renowned experts from all over the world to recognize various challenges and trends facing the world and provide ideas for taking advantage of fundamental changes in a desirable way.

The forum, which has been held annually in Seoul since 2016, is dedicated to the public's role in improving humanity's ability to build a better future by conveying better thinking and wisdom to overcome current global challenges. The forum, which has established itself as a future-oriented independent platform, does not represent or provide specific interests of any kind of organization and ideology.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of News1, The forum chose ‘Hope’ and ‘Paradigm’ as keywords believed to be most needed in S. Korean societies. It reflects that S. Korea has stayed on the inflection points in every aspect. Various innovative leaders who have achieved great successes with new business models or pioneered game changing technologies share their visions in the forum.