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NEWS1 Future Forum 2020 Beyond Conflicts, Toward Co-Prosperity
vision & agenda

Are world countries rightly responding to the COVID-19 pandemic shocks? In 2020, the coronavirus shook the world. The unexpected disease was strong enough to change not only the surface of the world, but also the worldview and life pattern of people around the world, just like the economic slowdown. Thomas Friedman says the world will be divided into pre-Corona(BC: Before COVID19) and after Corona(AC). There has been anxiety about the unknown future, and expectations and hopes for a "big government" to address it have grown. It is difficult for governments to overcome the temptation. Nationalism and populism, which are striving to win the hearts of their own people due to increased fiscal spending, are raising their heads one after another. There's also a noticeable increase in reshoring. However, there is no leadership to lead the order of the world in this chaos. The U.S., China, the G2 have disappeared from seeking the center of the world by moving the balance between the two countries and are maximizing the conflict between the two countries. Some analysts say that the era of G0 without a leader has come. International organizations are also powerless. The dependence on smart technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing. Consumers are moving toward non-face-to-face contact rather than face-to-face contact, and on-demand production, which allows inventory control, rather than mass-production-volume sales, at industrial sites. Marketing that responds to anxiety and fear is also drawing attention. What is clear is that innovation should not stop. It's natural to think about how to use the potential of new technology to increase added value and share it. It is clear that a country with many unicorns will become an economic powerhouse. This year's News1 Future Forum(NFF) wants to analyze the current situation and predict what the next decade will look like. The NFF is a venue for knowledge sharing organized by News1, a local private news agency, and the United Nations Future Forum, the Korean branch of the Millennium Project, a think tank for future research, to help people recognize various challenging trends and provide them with ideas to take advantage of fundamental changes in a desirable way.