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Resilience in Post-Pandemic World

Morning Session

  • Lee Juho

    Lee Juho Deputy Prime Minister

    Education Reform - Personalized Learning for All

    Dr. Lee Juho is an education policy expert who has a background as an economist. Working as a research fellow and professor at Korea Development Institute (KDI), he directed a lab which studies education reform. Running for the 17th General Election, he served as a member of the National Assembly before being appointed as an advisor for Lee Myung-bak administration, where he was Minister of Education. Last November, Dr. Lee was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education once again.

  • Yoav Nissan-Cohen

    Yoav Nissan-Cohen Founder of Tower Semiconductor

    Trends in Innovation: From Semiconductors to the Bio-Revolution

    Dr. Yoav Nissan-Cohen is one of the pioneers of the Israeli semiconductor industry. After an early career as a non-volatile memory scientist, he started Tower Semiconductor and led the company into becoming a leading semiconductor foundry. Since then, he managed a few tech startups in fields such as zero-latency wireless video. Dr. Nissan-Cohen serves on the boards of a few companies and is leading a bio-converges startup utilizing MEMS chips to perform dynamic live cell characterization for applications in biological research and drug development.

  • Sue Mi Terry

    Sue Mi Terry Director of the Asia Program at Wilson Center

    North Korean Nuclear Threat: An Assessment and Recommendations

    Dr. Sue Mi Terry is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. She has had an extensive career in the U.S. government, academia, and the private sector. She served as a Senior Analyst on Korean issues at the CIA, where she contributed to the President’s Daily Brief, the Intelligence Community’s most prestigious product. From 2008 to 2009, Dr. Terry was the Director for Korea, Japan, and Oceanic Affairs at the National Security Council under the White House.

  • Park Wongon

    Park Wongon Professor, Department of N.Korea Studies at Ewha Womans University

    An Outlook for N.Korea's Nuclear Program and the Korean Peninsula

    Prof. Park Wongon is a prominent researcher on North Korea, the United States, and the U.S.-ROK alliance. He studied at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA) for 18 years. He is currently a policy advisor to President Yoon’s National Security Council and also advises the Ministries of Unification and Defense. He now serves as Director of the Center for North Korean Studies at the East Asia Institute(EAI) and Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Journal of Peace and Unification’.

  • Kim Sangbae

    Kim Sangbae Professor, Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Seoul National University

    The Future of US-China Tech Competition : The US-China Digital Competition

    Prof. Kim Sangbae is a scholar who studies the dynamics of international politics and information technology. His main areas of interest are theoretical and empirical issues related to power transformation, state transformation, and diplomacy of middle-range powers. His research includes emerging security, cybersecurity, digital economy, public diplomacy, and future warfare. He leads the Institute of International Studies at SNU.

  • Choi Gaeiyong

    Choi Gaeiyong Senior Research Fellow, Korea Information Society Development Institute(KISDI)

    The Future of US-China Tech Competition : The US-China Technological Hegemony Competition

    Dr. Choi Gaeiyong studies the competition for technological hegemony between the United States and China. At KISDI, he directed the convergence research team and trend research team. He was elected as the first researcher to represent the digital economy. He has recently authored ‘The Age of Cold Peace: The U.S.-China Technological Hegemony after the Ukraine War’. He is also a regular columnist for JoongAng Ilbo’s China Lab and writes ‘Choi’s China Prism’.

  • Cha Jungmi

    Cha Jungmi Director of Center for International Strategies at NAFI

    The Future of US-China Tech Competition

    Dr. Cha Jungmi is an expert on Chinese diplomacy and the U.S.-China technological hegemony competition. She studies the scientific, technological, diplomatic, and military competition between the U.S. and China. Directing the Center for International and Strategic Studies at NAFI, she is conducting global collaborative research on topics such as the prospects for the future international order and the future of the U.S.-China technological hegemony competition.

Afternoon Session

  • Kim Hyungjun

    Kim Hyungjun Director-General of KIST Post-Silicon Semiconductor Institute

    War for Semiconductors : Strategic Weaponization of Semiconductors and its R&D Strategy

    Dr. Kim Hyungjun is a semiconductor expert who researches thin film material synthesis and device processes. He has studied ways to improve the performance of semiconductor materials using multi-dimensional nanomaterials for more than 20 years. He participated in the planning of national R&D projects related to semiconductors and nanomaterials. He is the head of the Post-Silicon Semiconductor Institute, which leads the development of future source technologies for semiconductors such as brain-mimicking artificial intelligence, quantum, and next-generation memory.

  • Kim Hyeonwoo

    Kim Hyeonwoo Vice President of Samsung Electronics, Semiconductor Lab

    War for Semiconductors : Semiconductor Technology for the AI era

    Dr. Kim Hyeonwoo leads Samsung’s semiconductor research center, which plans the future of Samsung’s semiconductor business. Developing a semiconductor photo process in 1997, he played a leading role in the development and mass production of ArF and Immersion ArF technologies. Since 2014, he has led the material development team within the center, where he successfully achieved mass-production of key materials for the development of next-gen semiconductors in cooperation with domestic and foreign material manufacturers.

  • Jeong Marnki

    Jeong Marnki Vice Chairman of Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

    Challenges to Become a Global Trade Powerhouse

    Dr. Jeong Marnki is an industrial and trade policy expert with 34 years of experience as an high-ranking economic bureaucrat. He held key positions at the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. He served as an advisor to the President and finished his public service as deputy minister of MOTIE. Since then, he has served as Chairman at various associations and federations in the Korean automobile Industry.

  • Cho Dongchul

    Cho Dongchul President of Korea Deveoplment Institute (KDI)

    Korea's Economy Outlook and its Necessary Reformations

    Dr. Cho is an expert in the field of macroeconomics, international finance, and economic growth. He has a long history of researching the direction of the Korean economy as well as its financial markets. In December last year, he became the first KDI director under the Yoon administration. Dr. Cho was a leader of macro and financial research, and served as a chief economist and professor at the KDI. He was also an advisor at the Presidential National Economic Advisory Council and member of Bank of Korea's Financial and Monetary Affairs Committee.

  • Zhang Byoungtak

    Zhang Byoungtak Head of Artificial Intelligence Institute at Seoul National University

    The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) : The Co-evolution of AI and Human

    Prof. Zhang is an expert in machine learning. He has been researching AI learning models for 30 years. Beyond AI learning from input data, he is also researching the stage where AI creates data by itself, and is promoting projects that converge various studies and industries with AI. He was a senior researcher at the German Research Center for Information Technology (GMD), and served as president of KIISE Artificial Intelligence Society, and head of the Institute for Cognitive Science at SNU.

  • Lee Hwalsuk

    Lee Hwalsuk Chief Technology Officer of Upstage

    The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) : The Present and Future of ChatGPT

    A prominent technologist who designs innovations for companies by commercializing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. A founding member of Upstage, which launched in October 2020. He identifies areas of corporate problems that can be innovated through AI technology and provides consulting services, including building basic AI models and systems. He joined NAVER in 2017 to lead Visual AI, an organization that handles all computer vision technologies, including Clova's optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The OCR technology developed at that time is now actively utilized in dozens of services including Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank, and NAVER.