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New Start, New Future
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New Start, New Future

The world’s 10th largest economy with $35,000 income per capita,
The cultural powerhouse with BTS and K-movies,

Korea has been globally recognized as a leading developed country.
Korea also leads the world in cutting-edgy technologies including 5G communication, semiconductors, and smart devices. It is expected that Korea will be one of G5 countries in the near future if its growth goes on.

However, Korean people are somewhat hesitating in making pride of the developed status of their country. Most of them feel something goes wrong with the Korean society, where political, gender, generational conflicts and inequality issues have been accumulated to a warning level.

The Yoon administration’s five-year term stands at the critical juncture to decide on whether Korea can reduce the conflicts and create the new growth momentum.

The Yoon administration is facing tougher external challenges such as the North Korea’s nuclear threat, the US-China conflicts, and the carbon-neutral waves. To overcome those challenges and build the better future proactively, we need more collective intelligence.

In News1 Future Forum, those who have drafted the blueprint for the new government will present the insights on the Yoon’s policies.

News1 also focuses on the breakthrough technologies and markets boosting our growth potentials. This year our speakers will provide diverse views toward Metaverse, where people can interact, do business, and forge social connections through their virtual avatars, based on new emerging technologies like blockchain and NFT.

To embrace such technological trends, a huge policy shift is required for our government. Don't miss the opportunity to share your visions with our prestigious speakers.