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Resilience in Post-Pandemic World
  • News1


    News1 is a news agency widely recognized as influential and innovative news media in South Korea, established in 2011 by MoneyToday Media Group. About 350 journalists deliver more than 1000 real-time news and 1000 photos to our readers every day. News1 has successfully strengthened its service with its video news contents. It boasts more than 2.5 million views a day through online channels including mobile apps. News1 has been partnered with Reuters, AFP, and BioCentury. News1 acquired exclusive and official rights to release the North Korean state's newspaper, Rodong Sinmun for South Korean readers at the end of 2019.

  • Lee Youngseoup

    Lee Youngseoup CEO of News1
    Mr. Lee Youngseoup, CEO and President of News1, is a former reporter who has been in the field of journalism for more than 30 years. He began his career at Hankook Ilbo in 1992 and served as Beijing correspondent and deputy political editor before joining News1 in 2011 as a founding member. At News1, he directed numerous journalists as political editor, editor-in-chief, and vice president.

  • National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI)

    National Assembly Futures Institute (NAFI)

    The think tank of Korea's National Assembly to derive national future strategies. To achieve the purpose of its establishment, it predicts and analyzes the future environment and derive mid- to long-term national development strategies related to unification, diplomacy, national defense and international strategies, new growth engines of the country, sustainable growth, improvement of the quality of life of the citizens, and other fields that will contribute to the development of the country and society.

  • Kim Hyeonkon

    Kim Hyeonkon President of the National Assembly Futures Institute
    Dr. Kim Hyeonkon, President of the National Assembly Futures Institute, has been researching digital and future societies for the past 30 years. Appointed as the head of the NAFI in 2020, Mr. Kim is a future designer and social designer who promotes mid- to long-term future strategy research at the national level.